The Fall of Rome Podcast is Now Available on iTunes and Other Platforms

My sincere thanks to everyone who listened to the first episode of The Fall of Rome Podcast. I wasn’t expecting quite this response, and I got a ton of requests for ways to listen to the show other than the Soundcloud platform. I’ve now rectified that issue, and it’s available everywhere:



Google Play

Pretty much every other podcast app works through one of these three options. If it’s not showing up anywhere, please let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks again for listening!


The Fall of Rome Podcast, Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Fall of Rome. I’m your host, Patrick Wyman, and I recently completed my PhD on precisely this topic.

The story you probably learned in school – ravaging hordes of fur-wearing barbarians tore down the civilized Empire – is at best incomplete, and at worst just plain wrong. I’ll take you on a journey along the cutting edge of history, archaeology, genetics, forensic science, climate science, and paleoepidemiology to provideĀ an up-to-date understanding of one of the most important processes in human history.

In the first episode, we’ll go over when and where the fall of the Roman Empire took place, and what we mean when we say “Fall of Rome.”

Give it a listen: