Taxes, soldiers, and loyalty: these were the foundations, the structures, of the Roman political system. This episode explores how and why they fell apart over the course of the disastrous fifth century, which saw the provinces gradually slip away from the control of the imperial center.

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2 thoughts on “The Fall of Rome Podcast, Episode 15: The Death of the Roman Political System

  1. First of all this is a great podcast. I love it. I have a question, Patrick. Did the army of the Visigothic kingdom of the 5th century in Aquitaine fight like the Roman armies before it? By that I mean did it have a similar organization (cohorts, legions that fought in 3 lines that changed position during a battle) or had tactics changed and did they fight in a significantly different manner than the Roman forces of the preceding centuries?


  2. Great podcast- made me wonder about several things:

    1. What evidence do we have about the language(s) the “Goths” actually used at this time. You mentioned a dialect of latin peppered with Germanic words- how do we know?

    2. Are these people Arian at this point?

    3. How many “Goths” are you thinking are settled in the Visigothic kingdom around this time? How does that compare to the existing Gallo-Roman population of the area at this time?

    4. Do we have any evidence about the proportion of men to woman among the “Goths” settling in the Visigothic kingdom?


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