The Fall of Rome Podcast, Episode 12: The End of the Roman Economy

The Roman economy was a marvel, the powerhouse that produced surpluses big enough to support huge cities, maintain an enormous standing army, and construct monumental buildings that stand to this day. When the Roman state fell apart, so too did the economy it supported, but in different ways, in different places, at different times. If you have a spare moment, take the survey at

The Fall of Rome Podcast, Episode 11: The Roman Economy Before the Fall

The economy of the Roman Empire was surprisingly modern, featuring commercial markets, large-scale production, and agricultural sophistication that wouldn’t be matched until the middle of the nineteenth century. In this episode, we explore how it was organized, how it functioned, and what it had come to look like just before it all went south.
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The Fall of Rome Podcast, Episode 9:

Attila the Hun is the best-known barbarian from antiquity, but the Hunnic Empire he inherited and expanded hasn’t gotten the credit it deserves for its complexity and organization. This episode explores how the Huns created an empire that stretched from the Ural Mountains in Russia to the Rhine River in Germany.